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Gravity Screen - On/Off // Automatically

Gravity Screen is an app used to turn off automatically your screen when you put your phone into your pocket or onto a table, and turns the screen on when you take it out!
We don't need to touch any kind of button, it's useful if your key is broken or simply to make it easier.

Gravity Screen its free, but in addition, have a paid version, here are some features that you can use on the free version:

  • Pocket Sensor: Turns the screen off if your phone is in your pocket.
  • Table Sensor: Detects your phone is lying on a table and turn it off if not in use.
  • Turn Screen On by Motion: If the screen is off and it's facing up the device can be woken up by moving it.
  • Keep Screen On by Motion - Rise to Wake: It keeps the screen on while you are watching the screen. It relies on the small movements of your hand while holding the device.
  • Smart Lock support: It's a workaround to make the Smart lock feature work fine on devices with Lollipop.
  • Locale plug-in for: Tasker, Llama and others

But, if you want a little more features you can paid, and could get this

  • Better performance
  • Widgets, Shortcuts
  • Wider range for Rise to Wake Timeout
  • Wider range for Table Sensor
  • Suspend in Landscape mode
  • Exclude Apps option

Another important point, battery usage;

I recommend you that the use of the app be moderate, cause the fact of being using this app for a long time could discharge the battery so fast because the app uses continuous the gyroscope ( device sensor ) and it consumes so many battery

in a nutshell I recommend you try the app, and you get your own conclusions if you want to know more about it, you can do it on the following link.